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Book Endowment Program

The Ephrata Public Library Book Endowment Program provides an opportunity to give a lasting gift.

A Book Endowment gift may be made by someone wishing to a give a "legacy of books" to the community. It could also be made to honor or remember a special person, event or occasion.

Every year a new book will be added to the library's collection in recognition of the person or occasion for which the endowment gift was made or as the donor specifies.

A contribution of $1,000 to the Ephrata Public Library Book Endowment Program will be placed in the library's Permanent Endowment Trust Fund.

In future years, this $1,000 gift will generate interest/revenue which will be used each year to add a new book to the library's collection.

Every year the library staff will select a book and place on its inside cover a special book plate inscribed according to the donor's wishes. A record of each endowment book will be kept at the library.

This page was last modified on March 18 2011