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Photo ID Policy

In order to insure the integrity and confidentiality of patron records the Ephrata Public Library will require a photo ID of patrons requesting service. By attaching a photo to a patron’s library account the library can further limit user fraud.

This requirement can be met by taking a photo of the patron and attaching it to the patron record in the Millennium database (automated library system). Patrons checking out laptops, computer users, and minors with computer privileges must have a photo in Millennium. If a parent objects to this policy, the Director will meet with parent(s) to determine a suitable alternative. All other patrons will be encouraged to have a photo attached to the Millennium record but will be allowed to present any generally recognized photo ID, such as a valid driver’s license, to meet this requirement.

This requirement will be waived for Amish patrons, who generally do not have any form of photo ID. They will be allowed to present an acceptable form of official correspondence or document when applying for a card.

Adopted October 18 2007
Revised October 17 2008

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