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Code of Behavior Policy

The purpose of this code is to ensure that all patrons of the library find the facilities a safe, inviting, comfortable, and pleasant place in which to read, study, browse, or work. Respect for the rights of all library users is the keystone of this policy.

Any disruptive conduct that impedes others from using or enjoying the library or staff from doing their duties will not be tolerated. The following are examples of behavior prohibited anywhere on the library campus:

  • Exhibiting violent, tumultuous, threatening behavior

  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Talking in louder tones than the general noise level

  • Using profanity

  • Using of any type of portable music player, televisions, or hand-held video games, without headphones, except as provided by the library or with librarian’s permission.

  • Using cell phones is permitted only in the lobby or outside the library, but the conversation should be kept at a low volume.

  • Committing sexual acts, e.g., indecent exposure, unwanted physical contact or excessive public displays of affection.

  • Skating and skateboarding (including scooters and roller shoes) in the library or performing stunts on library grounds

  • Running through the library

  • Intruding on other library patrons’ privacy (including campaigning, petitioning, proselytizing, panhandling, or selling)

  • Climbing on bookshelves, walls or any interior or exterior library property

  • Loitering, e.g. sitting or standing idly about, sleeping or lingering aimlessly

  • Littering

  • Engaging in theft, vandalism, or any criminal act.

  • Bringing animals into the library, other than those assisting disabled persons or as part of a library event

  • Smoking or use of other tobacco products in the library building or grounds except in the designated smoking area

  • Lack of proper attire (including shirts and shoes)

  • Having personal hygiene that is offensive to other persons may require that patron to leave the library.

  • Engaging in any other behavior that interferes with the function of the library or threatens an individual’s welfare or safety.

Library patrons, who do not follow the library’s Code of Behavior, will be asked by library staff to comply with the rules or, in the case of more serious violations, will be asked to leave. If the violator refuses, further action will be taken.

The library staff will apply all local ordinances, federal and state laws which govern behavior in public places as well as those regarding defacement of public property or mutilation of library materials, and call the Police Department to help enforce them when necessary. When criminal acts are committed, the library will prosecute to the full extent of the law.

Policy of Unattended Children

Children aged 10 years or younger shall be supervised by a person designated to be responsible for the child’s care. The behavior of children is the responsibility of the caregiver whether present or not. Library staff will take whatever steps necessary to locate the parents or caregiver of an unattended child.

Use of Business Phones Policy

A patron may request to use a business phone for emergencies or for children to call to arrange for a ride. In all cases, the library staff will make the call, and the conversation should be limited to 5 minutes.

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