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2023 Board of Directors

Mike Eichenlaub, President

Jobany Bedoya, Vice President
Brian Frey, Treasurer

Kristin Carter, Secretary

Marilyn Yoder

Deborah Fast

Eric Nissley

Danielle Shumate

Nancy Aronson


Executive Director: Abigail Balmer, MLIS


Board members may be contacted via fax, U.S. Mail or email:
c/o Ephrata Public Library
550 South Reading Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
Fax: 717-721-3003

The Board of Directors are citizens from the library's service area (Akron Borough, Clay Township, Ephrata Borough and Ephrata Township) who have shown a deep interest in the well-being and management of the Ephrata Public Library. They are elected for three-year terms.


Public Comment 

The Board of Directors of the Ephrata Public Library will provide for public comment in its monthly agenda, providing that the Executive Director or Board President has received a written request to address the Board at least one week before its regularly scheduled meeting. Public attendees will sign in and document their address to ensure they are members of EPL's service area.* Public comment will occur immediately after the Call to Order, the President will designate a time limit for comment, and the public attendee(s) will be dismissed following the time allotted for public comment. 

(Adopted March 17, 2016) (*This sentence added 4/20/23)

Board Documents



Board Agenda - 1/18/24

Board Minutes - 1/18/24


Board Agenda - 2/15/24

Board Minutes - 2/15/24


Board Minutes - 1/19/23

Board Minutes - 2/16/23

Board Minutes - 3/16/23

Board Minutes - 4/20/23

Board Minutes - 5/17/23

Board Minutes - 6/15/23

Board Minutes - 8/17/23

Board Minutes - 9/21/23

Board Minutes - 10/19/23

Board Minutes - 11/16/23

Board Minutes - 12/21/23


Board Minutes - 1/20/22

Board Minutes - 2/17/22

Board Minutes - 3/17/22

Board Minutes - 4/21/22

Board Minutes - 5/19/22

Board Minutes - 8/18/22

Board Minutes - 9/15/22

Board Minutes - 10/20/22

Board Minutes - 11/18/22

Board Minutes - 12/15/22

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