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Volunteering @ Ephrata Public Library


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Ephrata Public Library.


Volunteer and Library Roles & Responsibilities


The Library will provide to volunteers:

  • The same courtesy and respect accorded a staff member

  • Orientation, training and supervision by a staff member or other trained volunteer

  • A willingness to address concerns and be open to suggestions

  • Recognition of their contributions

  • Meaningful assignments


Volunteers will:

  • Have a positive attitude

  • Work with Library staff to accomplish the goals set by the Library

  • Perform assigned duties to the best of their abilities

  • Represent the Library when actively serving as volunteers

  • Seek guidance and accept the decisions of staff

  • Recognize the function of paid staff, maintain positive working relationships with them, and stay within the scope of volunteer responsibilities

  • Wear a volunteer badge

  • Report on time, as scheduled, and check in with designated staff upon arrival at work

  • Record volunteer hours on volunteer time sheets

  • Give prior notice to a supervisor as soon as possible if the individual

    • Must change or cannot keep his/her schedule

    • Needs to take an extended leave

    • Wishes to be reassigned

  • Give notice upon ending volunteer service

  • Dress appropriately

  • Respect and act courteously to all patrons and employees

  • Refrain from expressing religious, political, social or other personal views to the public or employees

  • Maintain the confidentiality of all Library and patron information and records

  • Disclose in advance medical, health or physical limitations related to the volunteer job


Types of Volunteers


Community Volunteers

Community volunteers are individuals or groups who volunteer to fulfill organizational or educational requirements or for personal fulfillment and pleasure. Individual volunteers must be at least 16 years of age. Groups with younger volunteers may be used with an adult chaperone. The Library has the option to not accept individuals or groups at its discretion.


Court-Ordered Volunteers

The Library accepts volunteers who are ordered by the court to provide community services on a limited basis. It is understood that while the Library is not required by law to accept anyone the court refers, many of these individuals are talented and skilled people who made a mistake and want to work through the incident. Court-ordered volunteers include teens and adults working at the Library as restitution for offenses committed in the community. Convictions may include driving under the influence (DUIs), minor traffic infractions and truancy. The Library will not accept individuals who commit crimes such as robbery, purse snatching, stealing, or similar offenses, or crimes against persons. Court-ordered volunteers must provide all documentation requested involving arrest and court records, as well as provide all applicable background checks.




All of our volunteer positions require different lengths of training from paid staff. Therefore, we ask that all in-library volunteers commit to volunteering at least six months.  Those that are unable to commit to volunteering six months may be better suited for either the administrative/office, adopt-a-shelf, or event volunteer positions.


Volunteer Opportunities



Administrative/Office Volunteer

Volunteers assist Library staff with a variety of office tasks such as folding brochures, stuffing envelopes, collating handouts, labeling, etc. The amount of work available will vary; volunteers are contacted as work becomes available.


Adopt-A-Shelf Volunteer

Volunteers are responsible for checking that items are shelved in the correct order and straighten shelves in a library section of their choice at least once a month.  Adopt-a-Shelf Volunteers select their own hours, which makes it perfect for someone who cannot promise weekly hours.  This position does require the physical ability to reach, bend and stretch, as well as the ability to arrange items in alphabetical or numerical order and to develop a working understanding of the Dewey Decimal System.


Book Repair Volunteer

Volunteers are responsible for mending, repairing and cleaning books so they can continue to circulate. Most repairs include taping torn pages, repairing book spines, re-covering books and replacing spine labels.


Book Sorter Volunteer

Volunteers work in the sorting area of the Community Commons processing incoming donations. This volunteer job requires the physical ability to reach, bend and stretch, as well as the ability to use judgement to sort and arrange items for sales in the book store and book sales. Must be able to comfortably lift 25 lbs.

Building & Grounds Volunteer

Volunteers are responsible for assisting in cleaning and/or repair projects inside and outside of the Library building.


Delivery Volunteer

Volunteers refresh and exchange book displays and collections in satellite Libraries. Must be able to lift 25+ lbs. comfortably.


Event Volunteer

Volunteers assist with large library events such as the Summer Reading Carnival, Concerts by the Creek, book sales, visiting exhibits, fundraisers, etc. The schedule for these events will vary; volunteers are contacted as events are planned and scheduled.


Media Repair Volunteer

Volunteers are responsible for the repair and cleaning of DVDs, CDs and audiobooks.


Periodical/Magazine Volunteer

Volunteers are responsible for assisting with the maintenance and inventory of the Library’s periodical collection. A four-hour weekly commitment is required. This position requires standing, sitting, bending and reaching.

Public Program Volunteer

Volunteers support the Library’s Program Team by assisting in the preparation of materials for story times, assisting with programs such as a Summer Reading Carnival, Family Place Parent Child Workshop and craft and cooking programs. Volunteers with special skills are welcome to share and teach! Those with teaching experience are especially encouraged to apply in this area of the Library.



Volunteers are responsible for sorting and arranging library materials on shelving carts and accurately returning library materials to the proper place in all sections of the library. While working they will check the shelves for neatness and the necessity of shifting items to alleviate overcrowding. A weekly three hour commitment is required. This position does require the physical ability to push a shelving cart, reach, bend, stretch and lift, as well as the ability to arrange items in alphabetical or numerical order and to develop a working understanding of the Dewey Decimal System and library floorplan.

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